Olivia & Austine

Unforgettable wedding proposal in the cobblestone streets of Old Town in picturesque Crete, Greece

Wedding Photography Crete

Step into the enchanting world of Olivia and Austine’s love story as we unveil their unforgettable wedding proposal gallery, set amidst the cobblestone streets and ancient charm of Old Town in picturesque Crete, Greece. Each photograph in this collection captures the essence of their romantic journey, as Austine’s heartfelt proposal unfolds against the backdrop of historic architecture and Mediterranean beauty. From stolen glances filled with anticipation to the joyous moment of ‘yes’ shared under the Grecian sky, every image is a testament to their enduring love. Join us in reliving the magic of Olivia and Austine’s proposal, where every corner of Old Town becomes a stage for love’s sweet embrace.

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Wedding Photography Crete

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